The first months of my EVS in Olomouc are already over, if you ask me about my start in Czech Republic, I just can answer you: very intensive and like a dream.

“Why did you choose Czech Republic?” – A question I have to answer very often, sometimes in English or German, sometimes in Spanish or in Czech 
Well, I think there is no real answer. Of course I was very interested in Czech culture, language and people, but I am interested in every country in the whole world, I think! It was just a good feeling to choose Czech Republic and now I know that it was the right one!

But what actually is my work here? Again, there’s no right answer – it is different every day and every week. During the year there are a lot of United Games activities and actions I participate in, but that’s not really my daily work. I work in the Akademik Sport Centre, there is always a bit of office work to do, at the moment we are promoting our children camps in winter (I am already looking forward to it). So I can help with hundreds of papers, letters and so on. There are always some activities for children like „Mikulás Shows“ and so there is a lot of work.

In the afternoon I often spend my time in DDM, the childrenhouse in Olomouc. Sometimes I just talk to the Czech people there and organize my stuff, but I also participate in the activities of DDM: there are a lot of ceramic courses, painting and drawing courses for children, we also went to the Zoo to play with them and so on. There are so many things, it is impossible not to like one of them

The rest of my time here in Olomouc is totally planned and full of things: meeting up with my mentor Jana for coffee or a talk, participating in sport activities of our Sport Centre, going to some parties with Erasmus students or my Czech friends, visiting the places in and around Olomouc, singing in the choire, …

Another important thing is that I really try to learn Czech. And believe me, it’s not that easy. Sometimes I just want to cry if my wonderful teacher Terka explains me some Czech grammar and it’s just impossible to understand it It’s very difficult, but I always try to use the words and sentences I know and I already can talk to people if the speak slowly and clearly. I also try to read books and watch movies, even if sometimes it is quite hard to understand.

Well, I am sure my Czech knowledge will get better and better during my time in Olomouc, and I hope during the next year there will be a lot more work, fun and experience which I won’t forget in my life!

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