Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count. (Anonymous)

And that’s what I have been doing for already six months now here in Czech Republic. I try to enjoy every day, and often it is quite easy to enjoy, because there are so many interesting and new things for me all the time

The last months I was really busy. After spending Christmas back home in Austria, I participated in a course for getting a snowboard instructor. We had one intensive week of training, including practical and theoretical things according to winter sports. The last day there were also some exams and finally I passed everything and got my licence as snowboard instructor. Since then I have been teaching many Saturdays in our skiing school from the sport centre. It was a big challenge for me to teach Czech kids and talk only Czech with them, but I think I managed it quite well. At the end of each day the small boys and girls knew how to ride down the slope We also had one big skiing course, “Ski and Snowboard Academy”, for one week in Jeseniky. There was a lot of program, we went skiing everyday but we also played a lot of games, did a lot of activities and had some presentations about avalanches and stuff.

I am a person who can’t get fed up with skiing and snow and winter, so I also went to the Krkonoše mountains with my flatmates and their friends. We spent there some days in a nice cottage where we had to cook and heat on our own and every day we went to one of the nice skiing areals in the surroundings. There I also gave some snowboard lessons to four kids from Netherlands

The last weekend I spent in Vienna, there I had a workshop from AFS (I work there as a volunteer in Austria, but it has nothing to do with EVS) and there I met my Austrian friends. Afterwards I visited Tereza (my former Czech teacher who is now living in Vienna) and Anja (the Austrian girl who did her EVS in UG CZ last year). It was so nice to see them again

The rest of my time is full of other meetings for UG or some children camps, sport activities, concerts and fun. I really enjoy living in Olomouc, even though I have so much things to do that there is no really daily life (well, of course there is, but at the moment just a few days every month J )

My Czech already got a lot better, I manage my day just speaking Czech to everyone! Sometimes I still have problems with the vocabulary, but if someone talks to me, I understand nearly everything. At the moment we are searching for a new Czech teacher and I hope there will be somebody found soon to improve my language knowledge.

This weekend I will just have coffee with some friends or watch a movie or so. I really need a short break, because next week my totally-planned-and-ful-of-program-live will start again

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